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  • Rebel Mining Solidifies Industry Leadership with New Hires

    Rebel Mining Company has hired three seasoned bitcoin mining industry professionals. Neil Galloway, a seasoned leader in bitcoin mining space. From 2020 to 2022, he’s deployed over 200MW of ASIC mining hardware in 28 different states and provinces in the USA and Canada. Tyler Abad and Max Niederluecke have also been brought on as Senior… Read more

  • What is Colocation for Bitcoin mining?

    What is Colocation for Bitcoin mining?

    Colocation for Bitcoin mining provides miners with an all-inclusive convenient package for hosting services, operating, and maintaining their mining hardware in a secure facility. Prices for colocation mining providers vary depending on location, rack space (amount of miners operating), and overall power consumption. Bitcoin mining may present many risks and challenges, however, a reputable colocation… Read more

  • Texas Block-Cast – Bitcoin Mining’s Past, Present, and Future ft. Neil Galloway

    Texas Blockchain Council’s Kristine Cranley sits down with Neil Galloway. Neil began mining as a hobby because it was the only way to get access to Bitcoin at the time and turned it into a full-blown career. They spoke about the early days of mining while giving you some valuable insights about how you can… Read more