Buy and Host

Buy and Host

Are you searching for options for hosting your Bitcoin mining operations? Explore our US Bitcoin mining hosting options with multi-tier managed services to guarantee secure and optimized mining hardware connectivity.

Steadfast, Protected, and Maintainable

We prioritize your profitability and the safety of your mining machine operations as your Bitcoin mining hosting provider. Our infrastructure, software, and upkeep services facilitate successful crypto mining. Clients can benefit from real-time monitoring for transparency and control of our colocation services and hosting.

Why Host With Us?

24/7 Support

Get uninterrupted 24/7 support and services from our readily available on-site technicians to keep your mining operation running smoothly.


We strive to utilize renewable energy sources and diversify our energy mix better than other crypto mining companies through various programs, in accordance with worldwide climate agreements.

Superior Uptime

Our proprietary solution utilizes hosting expertise, data analytics, customized firmware, and optimization to boost uptime, hashrate, monitoring, and profitability, while reducing power usage for better equipment durability.

Reliability –
Infrastructure Built to Last

We prioritize honesty and reliability to establish a trustworthy foundation, while ensuring our infrastructure’s durability.

Setting Up and Improving Performance

Our skilled team collaborates with you to set up and configure your miners, providing a seamless and shared experience.

Ongoing Monitoring, Tweaks, and Updates

Our enterprise solution provides 24/7 real-time data monitoring and support, featuring a ticketing system, RMA support, and expert technicians available both on-site and remotely.

What is in it for you?

Tailored Solution to Meet Your Specific Needs

  • With our customer dashboard, you can monitor server performance for your mining rigs and uptime instantly.
  • Our on-site repair center maximizes server rewards by swiftly addressing any issues.
  • Our customized operations suite delivers next-gen service without overspending.
  • Customized dashboard that more interactive than Foreman, offering more depth for your needs.
  • Choose our traditional hosting for great power rates and hassle-free management.

Solution Focused Approach

Our company prioritizes transparency, trust, stability, and responsiveness to meet each customer’s unique Bitcoin mining needs. We specialize more than just ASIC miner hosting and repairs, but we are open to exploring other ways we can assist you. Contact us to discuss your requirements for mining cryptocurrency.

All-In-Pricing and Service

Our hosting packages provide personalized options, transparent pricing, and a comprehensive range of services, such as direct support, on-site maintenance, and efficient infrastructure management, including energy supply, cooling technology, and IT network management.

Custom Solutions
Paving the Way for the Future

At Rebel Mining Company, we prioritize the environment for machine placement by providing customized turnkey hosting solutions. Our state-of-the-art facilities, engineered and operated in-house, offer complete coverage with filtration, temperature control, and automation.

Our utilization of top-tier hardware from leading manufacturers, combined with proprietary firmware, optimizes our high-performance computers for maximum ROI. In support of innovation and advanced mining operations, the network development process puts us above the industry standard.

Ready to Host With Us?

Contact our sales team to see how Bitcoin mining is best with Rebel Mining.