Site Management

Site Management

Where Bitcoin mining meets our tools to help you run your own site with flexible energy consumption. See how site leasing for cryptocurrency mining can benefit your business needs.

Customized Service

Our highly adaptable customer centric service allows you to either utilize our experienced IT team or bring your own, giving you vertically integrated access over the setup process. Our expertly trained technicians can get you up and running efficiently, as we have one of the best deployment times compared to other Bitcoin mining companies. We can adjust based on your needs, no matter how complex.

Take Full Command Through Vertical Integration

Leasing Agreement

Start leasing from us and we will sign a power purchase agreement for all mining electricity consumption and make adjustments as needed


Our assistance involves setting up the power at our state-of-the-art facility or allowing your team to set up your mining hardware and link to both on-site power and the blockchain.

Setting Up

Some situations differ, but commonly the container and setup will be supported by RMC and affiliates, while the ASICs and operations can be handled by you.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our mining hardware remains in top condition with ongoing preventive maintenance and upgrades throughout the contract period, ensuring your peace of mind. 

Tap Into Our Power

Optimize resource usage and achieve flexibility where you control the power usage. Perfect for enterprises with room to grow their mining machine count.

We monitor the load balance, which allows scaling services to match your business needs. It suits both big and small companies and new servers to the cluster effortlessly and the load balancer redirects traffic to them.

We will always monitor the server, switch, and overall network health. You are also free to use your own management software if you already have the perfect fit.

Full Custody

Mining Cryptocurrency Remains Solely in Your Control

Our Bitcoin mining solutions stand out as a leading provider.

Optimized Resource Usage

Get a cutting-edge US mining facility from our ownership that’s engineered, designed, and built by us. Our leasing solution enables you to optimize energy production, as energy grids’ fluctuation causes energy waste and suboptimal capacity.

Superior Uptime

Maximize your uptime and profitability with our top-notch management and monitoring solutions, powered by data analytics and hosting expertise. Our energy-efficient network guarantees a load factor above 95%, along with an efficient hashrate to get you started immediately.

Supporting Renewable Energy

Automated demand response powers our high loads, making us a prime ASIC miner renewable energy partner. Our programs promote energy diversity in our mining rigs from various sources.

Ready to Host With Us?

Contact our sales team to see how Bitcoin mining is best with Rebel Mining.